Camera & Lens Bags – Types and Uses

For the protection of camera and equipment while transportation, the photographer should use an adequate bag to keep safe the equipment from dust, rain, scratches, impacts or other harmful incidents.

Camera bags are made in various sizes and types to satisfy different needs. In a multi-compartment bag you can also carry some various accessories, like extra batteries and other lens types. If you are a compact camera user, then a bag who fits only your camera is enough.

Camera bags

Good camera bags are shock resistant, water proof, and build from durable materials. Consider investing a little more money on a good bag than having your precious equipment damaged by unexpected incidents.

Lens Bags

lens bagsLens bags, just as the camera bags, provides added security during shipping and travel but for camera lenses. Protect the lens from scratching, dirt and mechanical shocks. Lens bags are designed to fit a certain amount of maximum volume and weight, so be sure that you select a lens bag that can hold your lens.

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