Tripods & Mounts – Types and Uses

For assuring the camera stability when photographing, various camera supports can be used. These are tripods, monopods and other mounting types.

The idea is that each of these camera mounts will help keeping the camera fixed, avoiding undesired movements that can alter the image sharpness. They are mainly used in low light conditions or when the photographer wants to take longer exposures. It can be also used when the photo sessions will be long or when the equipment is too heavy for hand-held.


The best way to ensure an absolute sturdy and rigid position to your camera is using a tripod.

Camera tripod
Tripods are three-legged supports with a flat platform (head) in which the camera is secured. They come in a variety of sizes, designs and weights that can suit your camera type and weight. It is strongly recommended the use of a tripod that can keep up with your camera weight, meaning a stronger and heavier tripod for a bigger camera. The ideal tripod should allow as many adjustments of camera angle and height as possible.


Camera monopod
The monopod a single telescopic pole on which the camera is mounted. They are very useful for keeping the camera steady in places where a tripod is difficult to use or carry. However, monopods cannot be used for shutter times longer than 1/15s or when using very large and heavy cameras.

Various camera mounts (clamps)

Camera clamps are little mounts that screw into the tripod hole of the camera and has jaws which can be attached to a large variety of objects like doors, fences, furniture and other anchor points.

Camera mounts and clamps
These supports can be used in a wide range of situations when the camera must be positioned in such a way that there is no more room for a tripod. Usually, this can happen in small product photography or in unusual outdoor positions. These tiny mounts can be very useful in such moments of difficult positioning or close-up approaches.

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