Old Film Photo Camera – Agfa Happy Micro 110mm

Micro 110mm film camera of plastic body with just two shutter speed settings: sunny and cloudy. The camera shutter is ready and film advance is made when the camera is charged by opening and closing it manually. There is a possibility to add an external self powered flash to the camera.

The Agfa Happy Micro 110mm Film Photo Camera

The Agfa Happy it’s a miniature photo camera based on the micro 110mm photographic film type. The camera body is of plastic and there is only one setting you can change: the shutter speed set to sunny or cloudy.


I have never used this camera to take photos, but it seems that everything is working well. There is a flash slot on the upper side, but it seems that this kind of flashes are hard to find these days, the same apply to the camera.. and also to the 110mm micro films.

Nothing much to talk about it, you can check the pictures and see for yourself.

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