Flowers and Plants – Page 14

Gallery containing public domain photos of flowers and plants from the Canadian National Parks – Western Canada. From the warm, temperate broadleaf forests of southern Ontario to the frigid Arctic plains of Northern Canada, from the wet temperate rainforests of the west coast to the arid deserts, badlands and tundra plains, the biodiversity of Canada’s plants is extensive.

Lillium philadephicumMonotropa uniflora (Indian pipes)Monteses unifloraMountain ash (serbus scopulina)Orchis rortundiflora patch - Riding mountain national park ManitobaOrchis rotundifolia - Riding mountain national park ManitobaPotentilla argutaPrairie lilly - Riding mountain national park ManitobaPrickly rose (rosa acicularis)Rosa blanda and spruceRudabeckia hirta (black eyed susan)Seneolo presens


The flora of Canada is quite diverse, due to the wide range of eco-regions and environmental conditions present in Canada.

Silvery groundselSkunk cabbageSorrel - Riding mountain national park ManitobaTall coneflower (rudbeckia laciniata)Three flowered arens in seedWaterlillies and bullrushes on whirlpool lakeWild sasparilla with blackberries and red bunchberriesZygaenns elongans (camass)


About 4,100 species of vascular plants are indigenous native to Canada.


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