Old Film Photo Camera – Zorki 4K 35mm

Full manual body SLR camera with complete manual operations and fully mechanical functions. There is a standard fixed lens (50mm / f2) attached to it. It’s having a bulb shutter feature for unlimited exposure time and a mechanical self timer.

The Zorki 4K 35mm Film Photo Camera

The Zorki 4K it’s a Russian made full metal body 35mm film camera. The predecessor model of this Zorki 4K was a copy after the German Leica M3 rangefinder camera. Even this 4K model keeps a little from the Leica M3 functions and design.


The camera is full manual and does not feature a light meter, the lens is interchangeable and the standard lens fitted with the camera is a Russian Jupiter 8, fixed 50mm with f2. The shutter speed can be changed from Bulb to 1000/1 and there is also a self timer.

An external powered flash can be attached, which can be synchronized with the camera shutter through a connector cable.

Even if it’s not so easy to use because of its bulky size and weight and not so fast cursive controls, I have made a few beautiful photos with this camera, the lens gives really sharp results if you manage to focus correctly.

By the way, the method used by this camera to guide you with the correct focus is as follows: when the camera is not focused properly you will see everything double (not blur), as you move slower the focusing ring to the correct setup, the things start to get sharp again, and you can safely take the picture. It’s not purely TTL but it helps.

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