Old Film Photo Camera – Bella Bilori 35mm

Bella Bilori is a lens shutter type 35mm camera. The body construction is very good and the controls are viable and very easy to adjust. The shutter speed and the lens aperture can be changed and there is a possibility to add an self powered external flash light. The shutter noise is very soft.

The Bella Bilori 35mm Film Photo Camera

Bella Bilori 35 it’s a Germany made full metal body 35mm film camera. You can see from the pictures the quality of the body construction. The lens is a Vario Rodenstock Trinar 45mm / f2,8. The shutter itself is placed inside the lens and the available speeds are Bulb, 25, 50 and 200 of a second, the shutter noise is very soft and pleasant to hear.


On the upper side of the camera, there is a frame counter which advances with every load of the camera. A big disadvantage is that the viewfinder is totally separate, and is kind of difficult to estimate the exact distance to set on the lens ring to gain 100% sharp pictures.

I have taken one 35mm roll of film (36 pos.) with this camera and the quality of the final 10×15 photographic prints were quite impressing, when I had the lens focused correctly.

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