Old Film Photo Camera – Smena Symbol 35mm

The Smena Symbol is one of the most popular 35mm Russian film cameras. It was aimed for family use, and it’s very easy to use by every beginner. The camera features an intuitive shutter speed control with weather condition graphical symbols marks, and an exposure calculator on the back.

The Smena Symbol 35mm Film Photo Camera

The Smena Symbol it’s a Russian made simple 35mm film camera suitable for beginners. The camera is made of plastic, but it feels very good built and hard enough not to get cracked if you drop it. The lens is a Lomo fixed 40mm with f4 and the shutter speed can be changed from Bulb to 1/250, you can notice also a few weather symbols placed on the lens near to the shutter control ring, from here the camera name Smena Symbol.


The lens focus can be made by estimating the distance between you and the subject being photographed, and setting it accordingly on the focus ring, which is marked from 1 meter to infinite distance.

The camera is light weighted and easy to hold and use, there is a flash socket on the upper side where an external flash can be fitted.

I specially like this camera result, some of my favorite photographs are taken with this camera on some Kodak ISO 200 film rolls, the camera gives some nice vintage look, with well saturated colors and a pleasant small noise as a sublime texture.

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