Helios 58mm F2 Lens Fungus Cleaning

While browsing through my older photos, I came across some pics taken while I was cleaning the fungus of a Russian Helios prime lens. I thought that these pics may be of use to someone wanting to clean the fungus of a lens, either if it’s an older or modern one (and out of warranty of course).

The pictures below shows the fungus on the MC – HELIOS 44K – 4 prime lens. A 58mm F2 lens that, with a proper adapter, can get stunning pictures on modern D-SLR’s.

I got this lens for a very low price, around $15, having the issue from above – one fungus spot on the interior. So one day I decided it is time to clean that lens, the pictures below shows all the steps I did to remove the spot, and also the tools I used. I think the pictures are self-explanatory, but if any of you are having a hard time opening a lens (any kind) you can contact me and I’ll try to help.

You can see in the pictures above, I cleaned the lens element affected by fungus with a glasses cleaning optical solution. After cleaning it, I reassembled the lens back, and now it is ready to use.

This is not a complicated operation to do at home, you must pay attention to not scratch the glass; to not break the little screws; and to assemble the lens back in its original position – like the focusing ring position. However, if you decide to do this, its on your sole risk.


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