The Framing in Photography

Framing is a technique that photographers can use to direct the viewer’s attention to the principal subject of the scene. Many elements or even people, can be positioned around the subject to create a frame within the image area.

Separating the subject from the rest of the image using a frame, will make it more accentuate. For example, you can frame a broad land between some trees, rather than taking the picture too simple creating a boring composition.

It is important that the elements used as frames not to distract the viewer’s attention from the principal subject. If the framing elements are concerned to the image theme, the effect will be more pleasant.

Besides the purpose of accentuating the subject in an image, framing can do two more useful things:

– Framing correctly, can be created a depth illusion, a 3d feeling.
– Can be used for hiding unwanted details in the background or foreground of a picture.

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