The Subject in Photography

Everything that is around us can be the subject of a photograph. The photographer must take a deep look and understand what is special about a particular thing that he sees. He must search and select a clear composition that will transmit a message, an image that can touch emotions within the human soul.

The subject must be prominent in an image and easily recognized by the viewer, which doesn’t want to be confused searching through the picture.

dark brown horse running wild

This ca be done by detaching the subject from the background and from the eventually unnecessary elements that can distract the viewer’s attention.

Below are described a few simple methods that can be applied in almost any circumstances, and, these can help you emphasize the subject in an image:

You can make a tight framing on the subject being photographed, this way, a lot of the background elements can be drawn out of the scene, minimizing the risk of projecting your subject on obstructive elements. If you have a zoom lens you can make a tight framing by zooming on the desired subject. With a fixed lens, you can always walk closer to your subject to ‘magnify’ it.

You’ll notice that a tight framing will hold much more details on the subject, making your picture more subjective.

Another method to draw a better attention to a subject, is to walk around the subject until you’ll

find the simplest background on which can be projected. The background must be in opposite contrast with the subject to create a good visibility between the two.

A simple background which doesn’t contain disorderly elements or too many distracting colors,

is recommended for both portrait photography but also for other objects or scenes being photographed.

If around your subject apparently there’s no any portions of some clear backgrounds, then you can simply try to change the camera view angle to a lower or higher position, and you’ll find the right background, like the blue sky, the green grass or even a leaf foliage.

To be continued..

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