Old Film Photo Camera – PF Micro 110mm

PF Micro it’s a miniature plastic camera using 110mm photographic film. The camera is loaded by inserting the back cover back in place, in the same time the film advance one frame and the red shutter button is armed. The camera lacks any controls, including shutter speed.

The PF Micro 110mm Film Photo Camera

The PF Micro it’s a miniature camera using the micro 110mm film format. There are no settings that can be adjusted, the lens is fixed and made of glass material. On the back cover are printed simple instructions for loading the film and using the camera. The camera had a plastic frame viewfinder on which you could frame your pictures, but I lost it.


With the fixed shutter speed of this camera, you can still capture photos with acceptable light in both sunny and cloudy conditions, but I’m not sure about how this camera handles indoor scenes. I have made 24 outdoor photos with this camera, on a single 110mm roll film, and only eight of them were visible. I don’t know if this was my fault, camera fault or the developing service I used.

With some expired 110mm Fujifilm roll I used, the quality of the prints on 9×13 cm photographic paper was below acceptable, low details, blurred edges and faded colors. Kind of some obscure painting art 🙂

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