Inkjet Photo Printers – Description and Uses

Inkjet printers are the most common type of computer printers used for general consumer needs. Their cost is low and can create excellent quality prints with vivid colors.

Advantages compared with other printers

Inexpensive to purchase;
Quieter mechanism;
Faster operation;
Superior head resolution;
Fine and smooth output;
Lower cost per page.


– The printer must be used frequently to prevent head ink clogging;
– Print heads are expensive;
– Ink bleeding can appear at some inkjet printers (muddy effect on some types of paper;
– Printed documents must avoid water because the ink in most inkjet printers is water-soluble.

Inkjet technology

Continuous: the oldest inkjet technology, for commercial use.
Thermal: water based ink but less cost per print head.
Piezoelectric: expensive, but with the most variety of inks.

For pretentious photographers or professionals, the inkjet printers are not recommended because they don’t offer UV and water protection and long print lifetime like dye-sublimation printers does.

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