Macro Photography Technique

Macro photography means to capture subjects that are bigger than in reality, in your images.

This kind of photography can include various subjects from around us, which in the day by day life we don’t really observe them as they are. Getting closer with a proper lens, you can uncover interesting and beautiful details about regular subjects. These subjects can be anything from wood textures to the micro details of an insect.

Camera Lenses For Macro Photography

Macro photography can be applied only with the correct equipment. The use of a tele lens, a macro lens or a tube extender can help you create great macro photography images.

You may also need special tripods and flashes and maybe some paper backgrounds.

Regular fixed camera lenses or standard zoom lenses doesn’t have the macro feature, and you cannot get very close to the subject. The macro lenses are built specially to decrease the minimum range between the lens and the subject, to an extent of a few centimeters, this way you can capture a little bug on the whole image.

Macro photography is widely used in many photography fields like scientific and documentary, and can also give beautiful artistic photographs from millions of little objects and beings that surround us.

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