Cityscape Photography Technique

In this type of photography can be included various images of many subjects. These subjects can be the public markets, parks, various buildings, streets, highways, historical monuments, towers, bridges and other city related subjects.

Cityscape Photography At Day

You can take advantage of the natural light and one of the most favorable light is the sidelight, when the sunrays are oblique, near the sunset or sunrise.

This type of light will give pleasant shadows to the subject.

Another beautiful time for cityscape photography is in the rainy days. Wet surfaces will reflect the light and colors, giving a paint-kind result to your photographs. When photographing in rainy days you may need to adjust a smaller shutter time and use a lens hood for the lens, to avoid unwanted light reflections.

Cityscape Photography At Night

At night will be used higher exposure time to permit enough light to impress the camera film or sensor, given this set up, it is highly recommended the use of a proper tripod. It is better to use a higher ISO setting for your camera, or to load a high ISO film if you use a film camera, because this will ensure a better light in a shorter exposure time. Also, the lens aperture must be as open as possible (shorter aperture value). Manual lens focus can be of help in dark conditions.

Photographing Fireworks

You will need a tripod to fix the camera in a steady position. If the sky is very dark you will need to open the aperture at the maximum setting (shorter value) and the use of a higher ISO setting is very recommended. Turn the camera to the fireworks action area, and press the shutter when you are happy with what you see. You can use the bulb function to keep the shutter open as much as the fireworks are burning in the sky, then you can close it right after the action. You may need to adjust the camera focus manually.

Photographing Lightnings

Many people consider the lightning to be very difficult photography subjects, this is not so true, you can easily catch beautiful lightnings with your photo camera using a very simple and efficient technique:

With the photo camera steady on a tripod, you will fix it somewhere on the sky where the lightning activity is higher, let the camera with the shutter open in the bulb mode, and wait for a sign (a sign hopefully not especially next to you), there will be a big chance that a lightning will show up and the camera will record it by itself, you just need to close the shutter after that. Also, you may need to manually adjust the lens focus.

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