Compact Digital Cameras

Compact digital camera

Introduction Also referred as point and shoot, these types of cameras are designed primarily for easy operation and light carrying. They take still pictures but also movie clips that are stored usually on a memory card. The first digital cameras weren’t capable of capturing at least one Megapixel images, and many didn’t have a memory … Read more

Phone Cameras

Phone cameras

Introduction Phone cameras are mobile phones with integrated mini-digital photo cameras. These can take still images or mini video clips, which are stored in the phone’s internal memory or into a detachable memory card. The first phone cameras were capable of capturing images at very low resolutions, even under 320×240 pixels, today, the minimum resolution … Read more

Romanian Flower Photos

On this page you can find various flower images available as wallpapers. All the flower images are of high quality resolution and detail. You will find images of wild flowers, mountain, garden flowers and other beautiful flowers. You can enjoy this beautiful flower gallery also.